Bespoke medical and pharmaceutical translations

I translate from English to Dutch. Among my clients are pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, contract research organisations (CROs) and specialist medical translation agencies. Patient organisations, academic institutions and other medical and healthcare organisations also use my specialist life science translation services.

Quality is key

Dutch is my mother tongue, and I set the highest standards in all my translation work. In keeping with the type of text and the target audience, I take the applicable legal requirements into account and use language the reader will understand. Quality is always my top priority.

Tricky subject matter? Even the most complex texts can be translated into clear, easy-to-read language. And if I come across any ambiguities in the text, I will always double-check them with you. Sometimes all it takes is a tweak here and there to make a sentence or paragraph read even better, so you can rest assured that your text in Dutch will resonate perfectly with its intended readership.

Examples of the kinds of texts I translate:

  • IFUs
  • Medical apps
  • Patient questionnaires
  • ICFs, protocols etc. for clinical trials
  • Patient information leaflets and SmPCs
  • Business texts such as annual reports and press releases

Can’t see your document type in this list? Not a problem. I have a background in science (biology) as well as in creative and business writing, so I am at home in many different markets within the medical and pharmaceutical world. I always bear your target audience in mind in my translation work, so I adapt the tone and style of every text to its intended reader. And if there are any legal requirements that apply to your text such as EMA QRD templates and MedDRA terminology, you can rest assured that I abide by them.

Artisanal workshop

Biollandica is an artisanal workshop, not a fast-turnaround translation factory, so every translation project gets my full personal attention. Your texts help make the world a healthier place, so they deserve care and respect.

Working method and rates

Specialised medical translator

Large translation agencies offer many different languages and specialisations, but the end result can be disappointing. With me as a specialised medical translator, you can be confident that your terminology will be correctly converted while maintaining linguistic quality. This means that your translated text is not only correct but also flows nicely, is fully in tune with your target audience and engages the reader.


Translating is human work, so I don’t go about it overnight. After translation, another round of proofreading follows. I apply the four-eye principle to every project for direct clients: one of my trusted proofreaders carefully proofreads the translation for a perfect result.