Editing of Dutch texts

Editing of Dutch texts

You have a Dutch website, brochure or folder and perhaps you’re a little insecure about its linguistic quality. Obviously, you want the text to be flawless, so that you can offer your Dutch readers a professional result. The text should flow, with impeccable grammar, spelling and sentence construction. In short: you want all the i’s dotted. Biollandica understands how important it is to be able to trust that the result will be perfect, more especially when it concerns a language which you are unable to judge personally. Let me help you by correcting your Dutch text. In my translating work, I focus mainly on life sciences, but as an editor I also work on texts in other subjects.

I have an eye for detail and am experienced in revising and editing texts. I am also excellent in spelling, as the joint first prize I won in a local spelling competition in 2016 will attest. I flex my ‘language muscles’ daily as a translator, and am happy to use them in the editing of your text.

What, and what not?

The Biollandica editing service checks the spelling, grammar and sentence construction of Dutch texts and corrects them where necessary. I can also help ensure that fonts, letter sizes in headings and lists, for example, are used consistently. Speaking of consistency, did you know that the Dutch spoken in Belgium (Flanders) is slightly different to the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands? It’s a similar difference to that between UK and American English. I can help you adapt a Flemish text for a Dutch reading audience.

However, a complete revision of an existing text is not something I do; I’m not a copywriter. Having said that, I can put you in touch with someone who is. And if it’s an English text you need to have checked, I can refer you to a professional translator/editor who is a native speaker of American or UK English.

Pure Dutch

Dutch these day is increasingly influenced by English. You see that in certain spelling and expressions and in terms borrowed from English. Sometimes they’re correct Dutch, as in geüpdatete software, but very often, the devil is in the detail. Take, for example, an excess of spaces and apostrophes. In Dutch, we join words up much more than you do in English. So, in English, when you write science fiction and John’s computer, that’s correct; but not in Dutch, which is unfair, since the spelling check won’t always indicate that something’s wrong. Biollandica, on the other hand, will! In correct Dutch, it should say sciencefiction and Johns computer.

As a translator of English to Dutch, I know the differences between the two languages, and if too much English has crept into a Dutch text, I will spot that immediately. I know which spaces, apostrophes, hyphens and borrowed words belong in your text, and which don’t. So, let Biollandica edit your text, and relax in the knowledge that it’s thoroughly Dutch.

Working method

Interested in my services? If you send me your text to have a look at, and let me know what it is that you want to have checked or improved, I will send you an offer, without commitment. I will estimate the number of hours of work it will take, based on this information. Did it take more time than I had estimated? You don’t pay any more than the sum agreed. Did it take less time than I had estimated? I will invoice you only for the number of hours I worked. This means there are no surprise costs. The only thing that can happen is that you have to pay less than originally thought (but that’s a nice surprise …).

If you would like to be involved in the process, I will use the ‘track changes’ function which Word offers (and explain how to use it, if you’re as yet unfamiliar with it). It allows you to see exactly what I’ve changed, which can also be useful for your web master or type-setter, or if you want to have a Dutch contact proofread the text. If none of that is necessary, I will supply the final text, ready to use.

Please get in touch with me using the form on this website, or e-mail me at