About me

I am Edith van der Have, a Dutch translator with a mission. If we want to keep good quality healthcare achievable and affordable for everyone, significant transitions will be needed. With my experience in medical and pharmaceutical translation, I play a part in that.

So where does my passion come from?

Biology was my favourite subject at school – in fact I won the Dutch Biology Olympiad, a nationwide science competition for secondary school students! Languages have also always been a great passion of mine. I have a Master’s degree in molecular biology and a Bachelor’s degree in translation and communication. This combination is reflected in the name of my business: Biollandica is a contraction of “biology” and “Holland”.

You can find more information about my background and experience on LinkedIn.

Language and science

A translator with a science background – that’s a rare and valuable combination! To complement my Master’s in molecular biology, I undertake continuing professional development in medicine and healthcare. This enables me to provide my medical and pharmaceutical clients with a perfect service.

My translations are linguistically accurate, use the correct terminology and meet the legal requirements in the life sciences. But that’s not all. My strength is that I empathise with the target audience and work actively with my clients. I ensure that my translations strike the right note in terms of tone, style and cultural nuances. Have a look at some of my English-Dutch translation samples.

Sharing knowledge

In the world of medicine and healthcare, many pioneers, start-ups and established companies offer products and services designed to make people healthy and keep them that way. I support them with Dutch translations for their products and procedures, from patient information sheets and package label copy to press releases and newsletters.

And all with the aim of helping my medical and pharmaceutical clients reach patients and healthcare professionals in the Dutch-speaking area and speak to them in their own language. This ensures people receive the information they need to make properly informed decisions on their own health and that of the people they care for.

Find out more? I’d love to hear from you.