Natural Translations

Are you looking for an English-Dutch translator who has a thorough knowledge of agriculture, the environment, medicine, health, nutrition or psychology? Then look no further, you have found her! Biollandica, owned by agronomist and sworn translator Edith van der Have, is specialised in translating life science texts and delivers natural translations.

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Why choose Biollandica?


  • produces natural translations
  • knows your target group
  • is at home in the life sciences
  • provides a personal service
  • works accurately and precisely
  • treats your information confidentially

Biollandica produces natural translations.

My translations read like the original written text, while conveying completely the source text. I am a sworn translator, and in addition, I am a member of the VZV (Dutch Association of Freelance Professional Translators), seal of quality. Check out what others say about my translations.

Biollandica knows your target group.

Before I start translating, I check with you who will be reading the text and what you want it to achieve, since this information is indispensable in order to get the tone just right. One of my strong points is explaining simply things that are complicated, a useful skill when translating educational material, brochures or information aimed at patients.  I can also get your message across to specialists, in Dutch. And taking cultural differences into account means that your translated communication really communicates.

Biollandica is at home in the life sciences.

Only when you understand a text perfectly, can you translate it perfectly, which is why I specifically translate in the field of biological topics. Biology + Holland = Biollandica 

Hardly surprising, from a farmer’s daughter and agronomist, with more than ten years of experience in crop protection regulatory affairs. So agriculture holds no secrets for me. But wait, there’s more! I’ve also spent years exploring life sciences and human science, in the broader sense, from genetics, nutrition and medicine to psychology, parenting and education. I devour professional literature, popular science and educational material, newspapers and magazine articles. And I’m still learning: something new every day!

Biollandica provides a personal service.

You are in direct contact with your translator. There’ll be no trying to explain things to a go-between who perhaps doesn’t entirely understand what you mean or doesn’t pass it on accurately to the translator. Added advantages: no wasting of precious time and no agency fees. Plus, I actively contribute. As your translator, I’m the most attentive reader of your English text. I will report every imperfection and ambiguity I find, so you end up with not only an excellent translation, but also an improved version of the original text.

Biollandica works accurately and precisely.

Some people aren’t too bothered about spelling and sentence construction. As long as you understand what it says, right? Wrong! A lot of people find incorrect use of language irritating. If your website or printed material contains language errors or sentences that got lost in translation, those readers will be lost to you, which is a shame, and it doesn’t have to be like that. Biollandica crosses every t and leaves no i un-dotted. Unless the ï requires an umlaut, in which case it will be double-dotted.

Biollandica treats your information confidentially.

Your text is safe in Biollandica’s trustworthy hands. It will not be distributed nor uploaded to be translated by a machine. Naturally, if you would prefer, we can make that official with a confidentiality agreement. In the case of particularly sensitive information we can also make an appointment to translate on location, depending on the size of the assignment and your place of business.

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Why would you hire a professional translator?

Translating can open doors for your company or organisation. Doors which lead to new readers, new clients, new opportunities. Most Dutch people speak a few foreign languages, but they still prefer to read in their own language, and to really reach your target group, good translating is simply indispensable.

What kind of translating should you choose? Is Google Translate good enough? Rarely, unless you just want to get a rough idea of what a text says. And the fact is, it’s not an option for confidential texts, since Google saves everything. It’s not suitable for business purposes. What about the secretary who lived abroad for a while? Knowing a foreign language doesn’t make you a good translator. Translating is a profession.

Invest smartly, and go for a professional translator. How much time went into writing the original text, and how much effort did it cost? It goes without saying that a good translation also takes proper consideration, to do justice to both the original text and your Dutch-speaking target group.

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